Transformation in 2014- 6 Week Postpartum Update

Below is an update of my progress in three different aspects of  my short term goals of health and fitness this year: Active Lifestyle, Healthy Eating, and Weight.  The latter is just one of the indicators I will use to measure success or modify my eating/exercise plan. I intend to keep this format and provide updates every 2-6 weeks. I do not claim to be an expert in any of these areas but love learning about them.  If you leave any suggestions in the comments, I would be happy to consider them.  Also, I have gotten permission from my midwife to be as physically active as I have been, I’ve really had to pay close attention to my body to make sure I’m not pushing it too hard so soon after delivering (no pun intended, I don’t have the brain power to come up with another phrase at the moment).

1.  Active Lifestyle: My goal since week three has been to get out and move at least three times a week, training for a 5K at 7.5 weeks PP.

Week 1-2 nothing…or whatever “nothing” looks like for a mom of three 🙂

Week 3 – I started out with Joel sitting in the front of the jogging stroller since I was going so slow

  •  Monday- walk 1 mile
  • Wednesday- alternate walking and jogging each minute for 1.7 miles
  • Friday- alternate walking for one minute and jogging for two for 1.8 miles

week 3 A

Week 3 B

Week 4- It rained this week so I didn’t make Joel try riding his bike yet, the extra 36 pounds on the stroller adds to the intensity of my workouts. 🙂

  •  Monday- jog for 1 mile, walk/jog for 1 mile with stroller
  • Wednesday- jog 2.25 miles stroller-free
  • Friday- ran 2.58 miles stroller-free

Week 5- Worked out a system of running with Joel on his bike, NOT easy for both of us at first, but we worked on some guidelines that made this type of exercise safe and still allowed us to get a work out in.  We have a predetermined route where he rides on the sidewalk while I run next to him in the street.  When he gets tired he lets me know and he stops on the sidewalk not in front of a driveway.  I then run in circles in the street in front of him.  When he is ready to ride again we continue on our predetermined route, until the next break.

  • Monday- Had a huge headache the day before and played catch up on my house this day
  • Wednesday -ran 3.2 miles with stroller with Joel on his bike
  • Friday ran 3 miles with stroller and Joel on his bike
  • Saturday- ran 3 miles stroller-free- it felt great to run at under a 10 minute pace!

Week 5

Week 6- Made Stroller/bike runs work, but also decided running with the two youngest while Joel is in preschool is WAY easier.

  • Monday- Ran 2.75 miles with stroller and Joel on his bike
  • Thursday- Ran 2.1 miles with stroller while Joel was in preschool.
  • Saturday- Ran 3.5 miles stroller-free, created a running mix with songs in order of most BPM near the end of my run to keep me motivated to keep up my pace.

week 6 A

Week 6 C

2. Healthy Eating:  This has been the area that I have been least disciplined in…we were blessed by so many delicious meals, and I enjoyed every bite! I’m working on building a better meal plan. Currently the staples of my diet are:
• Sautéed veggis with two eggs
• Salad with chicken, apples, celery, and chopped pecans, topped with a vinaigrette
• Steel cut oatmeal with chopped apples, cinnamon, chopped pecans, and yes…a little brown sugar (will probably cut this out at some point, right now it’s my guilty pleasur, honey is just not the same to me).
• Post run smoothie: kale or spinach, frozen mixed berries, banana, flax seed meal, peanut butter, chocolate almond milk
• chai tea, and lots of it
• Snacks: string cheese, banana and peanut butter, almonds and chocolate chips, carrot sticks, sliced cucumber, granola and almond milk

3.  Weight: I put this last for a reason, I don’t want it to become my focus…someone at my stature and age has a healthy BMI from 108-145lbs. I will not be posting my exact weight, but the differences from one post to the next. After three weeks of weight gain, I decided to add a day or two of High Intensity Interval training (a video I do in my living room) and a day of working out with friends.  I just want to watch my milk supply as I increase the amount of calories I burn each week. 

Week 1- Down 18lbs from the day Daelynn was born,  13 pounds away from goal weight
Week 2- Down 1 more pound, 12 pounds away from goal weight
Week 3- Down 1 more, 11 pounds away from goal weight
Week 4- Up 2 pounds, 13 pounds away from goal weight
Week 5- Up 1 pound, 14 pounds away from goal weight
Week 6- Up 1 pound, 15 pounds away from goal weight



  • I can’t become complacent. I might have only 10-15 pounds to lose, but I am going to have to work hard for every pound.
  • Running with two kids is WAY easier than three, it’s all a matter of perspective!

2 comments on “Transformation in 2014- 6 Week Postpartum Update

  1. Clair says:

    You’re doing great Gloria. Very inspirational I can’t believe your pace already. I bet your weight gain in the last 3 weeks is muscle gain. Once you hit peak milk supply in month 3 the weight will come off and until then the extra is good to have as a cushion (no pun intended) to fuel that milk supply. Keep up the good work!

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