Transformation in 2014- 11 weeks Postpartum Update



  • March 15th I ran in my first race of 2014!!! I finished my 5K in 28:36…41 seconds slower than my personal best last April.  I REALLY wanted to beat that time but learned a valuable lesson instead: It’s ok to not be at my pre-baby pace yet.  I trained for and completed my goal of doing a 5K that is good enough for now! I also finished 6th out of 210 people in my age category…not too shabby.
  • That next week I slowed things down and really listened to my body and found it—my “magic pace.”  It’s somewhere in the range of 9:20-9:45 per mile currently and slower than how I was training for the 5K, but it’s the pace that I feel like I can run for miles. I’m going to keep upping my distance and let my pace slowly get faster in time.
  • It’s way more fun to run with other people! The last few weeks I have been running/working out with three different friends and it makes those times even more enjoyable.  I’ve been getting up early to run one day a week and knowing that my friend will be showing up at my door is extra motivation to not sleep in, the accountability has been good for me!

Healthy Eating: Currently the staples of my diet are…I need to change some of these up, any sugestions?

  • Sautéed veggis with two eggs
  •  Salad with chicken, apples, celery, and chopped pecans
  • Steel cut oatmeal with chopped apples, cinnamon, chopped pecans, and yes…a little brown sugar, honey is just not the same to me
  •  Post run smoothie: kale or spinach, frozen mixed berries, banana, flax seed meal, peanut butter, chocolate almond milk
  • chai tea, and lots of it
  • Snacks: string cheese, banana and peanut butter, almonds and chocolate chips, carrot sticks,  granola and almond milk

Active Lifestyle: My goal since week three has been to get out and move at least three times a week, training for a 5K 7.5 weeks PP and now a 10K at 11 weeks PP.

Week 7 –

  • Tuesday- Ran 3.04 miles with stroller
  • Wednesday- 20 minutes of HIT video
  • Thursday- Ran 3.2 miles with stroller
  • Saturday- Ran 4 miles stroller-free

Week 8-


  • Monday- 20 minutes of HIT video
  • Tuesday- run 2.1 miles with stroller (it was a rough day and very windy)
  • Wednesday- Walked 1.5 miles with a friend and did a 30min cardio video
  • Thursday- Run 3.2 miles
  • Saturday- Run 3.2 miles Shamrock’n 5K

Week 9-

  • Wednesday – Run 3.93 miles, walk 2, and 30 min cardio video
  • Thursday- Run 3 miles
  • Saturday- Run 5.5 miles

Week 10-


  • Monday- 20 minutes HIT video
  • Thursday- Run 3.1 miles
  • Friday- Run 3 miles
  • Sunday- Run 6.2 miles, my new 10K time to beat in 2014: 1:01:55

Week 11-

  • Monday- 20 minutes HIT video
  • Tuesday- Run 6 miles
  • Wednesday- Run 3.5, walk 1, 30 minute cardio video
  • Friday- 20 minutes HIT video
  • Sunday- Run 7.3 miles

Weight: Plateau anyone? Glad this is not the only way I am measuring success!

Week 7- Down 1 pound, 14 pounds away from goal weight

Week 8- No change, 14 pounds away from goal weight

Week 9- No change, 14 pounds away from goal weight

Week 10- No change, 14 pounds away from goal weight

Week 11- No change, 14 pounds away from goal weight


3 comments on “Transformation in 2014- 11 weeks Postpartum Update

  1. Marviña says:

    You are amazing and inspirational! I found that when I plateau it’s because I’ve upped my work outs and I’m not getting enough calories so my body goes into starvation mode…also if I’m not getting enough water…for me, I need atleast 3.5 liters. Keep up the good work! You rock!

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