10K- Race #2 in 2014

The 10K has been completed! I am really enjoying running more each month. I love how my “short runs” (3 miles) were as far as I could go only eight weeks ago. I have also been consciously slowing my pace and not pushing myself too fast too soon. I got a little too ambitious with my 5K time goal of setting a personal best time. I took this into consideration when planning out my time goal for my 10K. The first and only other 10K race I have run, I finished in 1:04. I did a few trial runs and decided that I could realistically finish in under an hour this time if I pushed it.

Races take a little extra preparation than normal now that I have three kids, one being a breastfed baby. I didn’t finish laying out clothes, packing the car, and preparing water/milk cups until well past midnight the night before. However, the beauty of being a mom is that I’ve had years of practice with functioning with little sleep. I ate a light breakfast (peanut butter and banana) and my friend and I made it to race and found parking in plenty of time (something that tends to make me a little anxious). A wonderful friend of mine was willing to run with me and also happened to have the same time goal, which made running this race even more fun. Not long before the race was supposed to start, I realized I had forgotten my headphones…that meant no upbeat motivating music to run to as things started getting tough. Lesson learned! What I didn’t know was from about miles 2-5 an older gentleman, who we guessed was in his seventies, happened to run at about the same pace with us…and grunted every time his left foot hit the pavement. Lesson Learned: DON’T FORGET HEADPHONES! Thankfully, as a mom I have learned how to, for the most part, tune out repetitive noises. 😉

Mile 5 I really felt tired and began to slow down a bit. It was definitely a mental challenge to keep pushing to beat my under-one-hour finish time goal. Just as I near the finish line I saw two adorable little boys (and a good looking man holding a little baby in the background) standing on the sidelines with their arms outstretched and huge grins on their faces. How could I not sprint at that point?! I gave them “fives” as I ran past them with the finish line in sight. My friend had already finished, but ran back to finish with me across the line…have I mentioned how wonderful she is yet? My official time…57:42!!! Personal best 10K time!


Not too long after my race was over, Joel and a couple of his friends also ran in a race. It was only 220 yards, but by the look on his face you’d think he’d just run in the Olympics…ok, as his mom, maybe my face looked the same way too. I hope that he, and his brother and sister, learn to love to be active and have fun doing it, whatever activity they may choose!


We spent a couple more hours walking around the zoo (a perk of running in the ZooZoom is free admittance that day) with friends and even got to see a tiger up close. It was a pretty awesome and exhausting day!




For now, I will continue working on running longer distances, and hoping to slowly bring up my speed.  I have already registered for a half marathon on June 8th and will aim my short term goals around being as prepared as possible.  13.1 miles here I come!


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