Transformation in 2014- 3 and 4 month update


3-4 Months Postpartum Update


I have had “easy” running days and days that seem hard to run a mile (I think the heat is contributing to that).  I push through, but am not seeing really any improvement on my time like I had hoped to at this point.  This has caused me to step back and appreciate what I have been able to do…run consistently every week except for one since resuming running after Daelynn, add more workouts in my week with the HIT video I do during naptime or with the kiddos, and run in each of my races without having to take walking breaks. I am currently at the same weight 4.5 months postpartum as I was when I ran my half marathon when Micah was 12 months old.  I need to remind my self of these things when I start getting discouraged about how slow I am! So…this Sunday I reach my final distance goal this year of running a half marathon! I am excited and scared. I had a strong 13.2 mile run last week and am hoping for another this coming Sunday.  While I am almost positive I will not be making a personal best finishing time, I am thankful that I am able to complete it, it was a little scary to set these goals while I was still pregnant not knowing what my recovery/life with three would be like.  And really, I don’t think I could be at this point without Mel supporting me and watching the kids while I get my long runs in or run this fast without my friend Dena helping push me speed wise. I will appreciate your prayers for Sunday and will give you an update about how it goes!

Healthy Eating: Currently the staples of my diet are

  • Sautéed veggis with two eggs
  • Lactations “scones”
  • My “runners meal” a recipe from a friend: sweet potato, kale, chicken sausage, and potato gnocchi- so good!
  •  Lunch time protein smoothie: kale or spinach, frozen mixed berries, banana, flax seed meal, protein powder,  almond milk
  • Turkey Taco meat in lettuce boats
  • Burrito bowls with crockpot black beans
  • Sauteed veggis, chicken and brown rice
  • chai tea, and lots of it
  • Snacks: organic yogurt and granola, banana and peanut butter, almonds and chocolate chips, carrot sticks,  granola and almond milk, rice cakes and peanut butter

Active Lifestyle:  My goal since week three has been to work out at least three times a week, training for a 5K 7.5 weeks PP, a 10K 11 weeks PP, and a half marathon 20 weeks PP.

Week 12–

  • Tuesday- Ran 6.1 miles
  • Wednesday- walked 2 miles, 30 min cardio video
  • Friday- 20 min HIT video
  • Sunday- Ran 6.2 miles in Zoozoom 10K

Week 13-

  • Tuesday- Run 4.2 miles
  • Wednesday-  Walk 2 miles
  • Thursday- 20 Min HIT video
  • Friday-  Run 8.2 miles

Week 14-Only one workout!!! It was the week all three kids and myself got sick

  • Sunday- 20 Min HIT video

Week 15-

  • Monday- 20 Min HIT video
  • Wednesday- Run 4.2 miles
  • Friday- Run 6 miles
  • Sunday- Run 10 miles


Week 16-

  • Tuesday- Run 7 Miles
  • Thursday- 20 Min HIT video
  • Friday- 20 Min HIT video

Week 17-

  • Monday- Run 4.2 miles
  • Wed- 20 Min HIT video
  • Thursday- 6 mile run
  • Friday- 20 Min HIT video
  • Sunday- 12 mile run

Week 18-

  • Wednesday- 5.1 mile run
  • Thursday- 5 mile run

Week 19-

  • Tuesday  1.5 mile run
  • Wednesday 13.2 mile run




Week 12- Down 1 pound then gained it back later that week, 14 pounds away from goal weight

Week 13- No change, 14 pounds away from goal weight

Week 14-No change, 14 pounds away from goal weight

Week 15- Lost two pounds!!!  Note, this was after a week of only one workout! 12 pounds away from goal weight

Week 16- Lost 3 more pounds!!!! 9 pounds away from goal weight

Week 17- No change, 9 pounds away from goal weight

Week 18-Lost another pound!!! 8 pounds away from goal weight!

Week 19- Another pound lost! 7lbs away from goal weight!


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