Blessing #3’s Due Date Anniversary


Today has been another day spent pondering about how my life could have been so different right now.  September 10, 2013,  was my due date with Blessing #3. Would I be a mom of three boys, all born within 3.5 years? Would I have a one year old daughter right now? What would this little one’s unique quirks be? What would it feel like to snuggle this little one close? What would his or her voice sound like? Does this baby know how much I love him or her right now?




One of the things I treasure about being a mom is not just watching and celebrating milestones, (and we all know I am slightly obsessed with this!) but the little things too…like knowing that I need to pull socks out of Joel’s pockets while doing laundry. When he takes his socks off, that’s where he puts them for safekeeping.  Or, how Micah loves to play with his hair while eats, it’s both endearing and gross, especially when we have peanut butter and honey for lunch.  But, we’re coming up with some creative yet fun-for-him solutions.




I know it’s possible for Daelynn to smile and stick her tongue out at the same time. It’s been so fun to watch her personality unfold this year.



But as I question how my life would be different, I am at the same time, so thankful that I have Daelynn. She wouldn’t be here if Blessing #3 would have been carried to full term.  I’m not sure what to do with all of these feeling: longing, sadness, joy, and thankfulness.  It being one year after my due date I definitely feel less emotional but my longing to know this little one has remained the same.

If I could see this baby today, I would embrace him or her and not let go until I was pushed away. I would tell Blessing #3:

“I have missed, loved, and thought about you ever since Heaven became your home. I am thankful you are unconditionally loved and safe with our Creator.   I wish your siblings and Dad could know you and I’m thankful that we all have the ability to spend eternity with you.  Until it’s my time to join you, you will always have a piece of my heart. I love you little one.”















Half Marathon- Race #3 in 2014


So thankful my half marathon goal has been completed–it’s getting hot out there! I ran in the Women’s Fitness Festival’s first ever half marathon, previously it has only been a 5K event. It was also the first race I have run by myself, a milestone in itself. The course wound around downtown Sacramento, through the neighborhoods of East Sacramento and then back to the Capitol building where the finish line waited.

photo 2


photo 1

Thankfully the race started at 7:15AM while the temperature was still bearable outside. As we ran through the neighborhoods of East Sac, it was so encouraging to see so many people out on their sidewalks holding motivating signs and even offering water from their hoses and sprinklers to help cool the runners off. For a brief time I was able to catch a up to a friend running with her daughter, she was an encouragement and even offered a posture tip to help my breathing efforts. I felt pretty good on the course until about mile 11 when it took a bit more effort to move my feet. Since I knew I wouldn’t be setting a personal best time, I decided to run without stopping. Near the end of mile 12, as I was getting close to the finish line, I saw a familiar Pilot in the lane of traffic ahead of me. Mel rolled down the windows and I got some encouragement from my little family as I was in the home stretch. I even felt good enough to sprint for the last .10 of a mile. Later I found out that it had taken Mel about an hour to get to the race as he sat in traffic from the construction on 50 and road closures due to the race. What an expression of love from him, to wrangle all three kids by himself and make the tedious drive to the finish line to show me support. In case you ever wondered, he’s a keeper! Once he found a place to park and made his way to the steps of the Capitol building I was greeted by all four of them and quickly handed over my medal to be inspected by the boys–I’m pretty sure they think that is the reason I run races!

photo 3


Almost exactly a year before this race I decided to stop running while pregnant with Daelynn. Both with her pregnancy and with Blessing #3, I experienced a distinct cramping no matter how hydrated I was. I attempted to run again at 14 weeks and felt great during the short run but then was grounded to the couch with 30 minutes of contractions. I didn’t try again after that. My friend Toniya helped me refocus and from the end of my second trimester through my third trimester I worked out with a prenatal workout DVD. I really wanted to complete a half marathon as soon as I could so reasonably. It was a “scary” goal to set while still pregnant, but one that offered me great motivation. I signed up for my 5k while in my second trimester and made tentative plans for a 10K and half marathon following. I am thankful that I was able to start running as soon as I was, and I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to have completed my “scary” goal! On difficult days while I was training, envisioning the finish line and my three kids waiting for me gave me extra incentive to push harder. I finished with a time of 2:20:46, which is 14 minutes slower than my first and best finish time half marathon.



I don’t have any more racing plans for this summer, but I do intend run at least 2-3 times a week to be ready for a couple of races with friends this fall!

Transformation in 2014- 3 and 4 month update


3-4 Months Postpartum Update


I have had “easy” running days and days that seem hard to run a mile (I think the heat is contributing to that).  I push through, but am not seeing really any improvement on my time like I had hoped to at this point.  This has caused me to step back and appreciate what I have been able to do…run consistently every week except for one since resuming running after Daelynn, add more workouts in my week with the HIT video I do during naptime or with the kiddos, and run in each of my races without having to take walking breaks. I am currently at the same weight 4.5 months postpartum as I was when I ran my half marathon when Micah was 12 months old.  I need to remind my self of these things when I start getting discouraged about how slow I am! So…this Sunday I reach my final distance goal this year of running a half marathon! I am excited and scared. I had a strong 13.2 mile run last week and am hoping for another this coming Sunday.  While I am almost positive I will not be making a personal best finishing time, I am thankful that I am able to complete it, it was a little scary to set these goals while I was still pregnant not knowing what my recovery/life with three would be like.  And really, I don’t think I could be at this point without Mel supporting me and watching the kids while I get my long runs in or run this fast without my friend Dena helping push me speed wise. I will appreciate your prayers for Sunday and will give you an update about how it goes!

Healthy Eating: Currently the staples of my diet are

  • Sautéed veggis with two eggs
  • Lactations “scones”
  • My “runners meal” a recipe from a friend: sweet potato, kale, chicken sausage, and potato gnocchi- so good!
  •  Lunch time protein smoothie: kale or spinach, frozen mixed berries, banana, flax seed meal, protein powder,  almond milk
  • Turkey Taco meat in lettuce boats
  • Burrito bowls with crockpot black beans
  • Sauteed veggis, chicken and brown rice
  • chai tea, and lots of it
  • Snacks: organic yogurt and granola, banana and peanut butter, almonds and chocolate chips, carrot sticks,  granola and almond milk, rice cakes and peanut butter

Active Lifestyle:  My goal since week three has been to work out at least three times a week, training for a 5K 7.5 weeks PP, a 10K 11 weeks PP, and a half marathon 20 weeks PP.

Week 12–

  • Tuesday- Ran 6.1 miles
  • Wednesday- walked 2 miles, 30 min cardio video
  • Friday- 20 min HIT video
  • Sunday- Ran 6.2 miles in Zoozoom 10K

Week 13-

  • Tuesday- Run 4.2 miles
  • Wednesday-  Walk 2 miles
  • Thursday- 20 Min HIT video
  • Friday-  Run 8.2 miles

Week 14-Only one workout!!! It was the week all three kids and myself got sick

  • Sunday- 20 Min HIT video

Week 15-

  • Monday- 20 Min HIT video
  • Wednesday- Run 4.2 miles
  • Friday- Run 6 miles
  • Sunday- Run 10 miles


Week 16-

  • Tuesday- Run 7 Miles
  • Thursday- 20 Min HIT video
  • Friday- 20 Min HIT video

Week 17-

  • Monday- Run 4.2 miles
  • Wed- 20 Min HIT video
  • Thursday- 6 mile run
  • Friday- 20 Min HIT video
  • Sunday- 12 mile run

Week 18-

  • Wednesday- 5.1 mile run
  • Thursday- 5 mile run

Week 19-

  • Tuesday  1.5 mile run
  • Wednesday 13.2 mile run




Week 12- Down 1 pound then gained it back later that week, 14 pounds away from goal weight

Week 13- No change, 14 pounds away from goal weight

Week 14-No change, 14 pounds away from goal weight

Week 15- Lost two pounds!!!  Note, this was after a week of only one workout! 12 pounds away from goal weight

Week 16- Lost 3 more pounds!!!! 9 pounds away from goal weight

Week 17- No change, 9 pounds away from goal weight

Week 18-Lost another pound!!! 8 pounds away from goal weight!

Week 19- Another pound lost! 7lbs away from goal weight!

Coconut Flour Chocolate Chip Lactation Scones


I am horrible with recipes.  I don’t measure exactly and almost always loosely follow ingredient instructions. But, for the sake of others, I tried to take note of exactly how much I used of each ingredient in order to make the soft yet not too crumbly version of my “healthy” lactation scones (not quite “dessertlike” enough for me to call them cookies).  I feel like they are just sweet enough for me to look forward to eating but not SO good that I want to eat the whole batch or the batter. On days that I know that I am going to pump or go on long runs I usually eat 2-3, otherwise I usually have one with my morning tea.


  • 1 cup Coconut Flour
  • ½ tsp. baking powder
  • ¼ tsp. baking soda
  • ⅓ cup sugar (you could also use honey)
  • 5 eggs
  • 1 cup of steel cut oats
  • 4 tablespoons of flax seed meal mixed in a bowl with 4 tablespoons of water
  • 3 tablespoons of Brewer’s Yeast (makes the cookies smell like beer to me, so if you don’t mind it you could add another tablespoon or two)
  • ½ cup butter (you could use coconut oil)
  • 2 tsp. vanilla
  • A lot of chocolate chips (6-8 oz)
  • Possibly a little extra water if the dough needs any extra moisture (I use between 2-4 tablespoons)



  1. Preheat oven to 350˚.
  2. Mix all of the dry ingredients together in a mixing bowl.
  3. Melt the butter or coconut oil and add to the eggs, vanilla, and flax seed meal/water mixture in a separate bowl. Mix well.
  4. Pour the dry mixture into the liquid mixture and mix until a nice dough forms.
  5. Add the chocolate chips and mix thoroughly.
  6. If any extra moisture is needed, add 1 tablespoon of water at a time and continue mixing.
  7. Grab medium chunks of dough, roll them into balls, and place on a greased cookie sheet. Flatten the scones to about ½ inch thick and seal up the edges to make the circles look nicer. They not change shape or size as they bake. I usually get about 36 in a batch this size.
  8. Bake at 350˚ for 13-15 minutes.
  9. Cool the scones on a baker’s rack. I store mine in the freezer and take them out about 30 minutes before eating them.

10K- Race #2 in 2014

The 10K has been completed! I am really enjoying running more each month. I love how my “short runs” (3 miles) were as far as I could go only eight weeks ago. I have also been consciously slowing my pace and not pushing myself too fast too soon. I got a little too ambitious with my 5K time goal of setting a personal best time. I took this into consideration when planning out my time goal for my 10K. The first and only other 10K race I have run, I finished in 1:04. I did a few trial runs and decided that I could realistically finish in under an hour this time if I pushed it.

Races take a little extra preparation than normal now that I have three kids, one being a breastfed baby. I didn’t finish laying out clothes, packing the car, and preparing water/milk cups until well past midnight the night before. However, the beauty of being a mom is that I’ve had years of practice with functioning with little sleep. I ate a light breakfast (peanut butter and banana) and my friend and I made it to race and found parking in plenty of time (something that tends to make me a little anxious). A wonderful friend of mine was willing to run with me and also happened to have the same time goal, which made running this race even more fun. Not long before the race was supposed to start, I realized I had forgotten my headphones…that meant no upbeat motivating music to run to as things started getting tough. Lesson learned! What I didn’t know was from about miles 2-5 an older gentleman, who we guessed was in his seventies, happened to run at about the same pace with us…and grunted every time his left foot hit the pavement. Lesson Learned: DON’T FORGET HEADPHONES! Thankfully, as a mom I have learned how to, for the most part, tune out repetitive noises. 😉

Mile 5 I really felt tired and began to slow down a bit. It was definitely a mental challenge to keep pushing to beat my under-one-hour finish time goal. Just as I near the finish line I saw two adorable little boys (and a good looking man holding a little baby in the background) standing on the sidelines with their arms outstretched and huge grins on their faces. How could I not sprint at that point?! I gave them “fives” as I ran past them with the finish line in sight. My friend had already finished, but ran back to finish with me across the line…have I mentioned how wonderful she is yet? My official time…57:42!!! Personal best 10K time!


Not too long after my race was over, Joel and a couple of his friends also ran in a race. It was only 220 yards, but by the look on his face you’d think he’d just run in the Olympics…ok, as his mom, maybe my face looked the same way too. I hope that he, and his brother and sister, learn to love to be active and have fun doing it, whatever activity they may choose!


We spent a couple more hours walking around the zoo (a perk of running in the ZooZoom is free admittance that day) with friends and even got to see a tiger up close. It was a pretty awesome and exhausting day!




For now, I will continue working on running longer distances, and hoping to slowly bring up my speed.  I have already registered for a half marathon on June 8th and will aim my short term goals around being as prepared as possible.  13.1 miles here I come!

Transformation in 2014- 11 weeks Postpartum Update



  • March 15th I ran in my first race of 2014!!! I finished my 5K in 28:36…41 seconds slower than my personal best last April.  I REALLY wanted to beat that time but learned a valuable lesson instead: It’s ok to not be at my pre-baby pace yet.  I trained for and completed my goal of doing a 5K that is good enough for now! I also finished 6th out of 210 people in my age category…not too shabby.
  • That next week I slowed things down and really listened to my body and found it—my “magic pace.”  It’s somewhere in the range of 9:20-9:45 per mile currently and slower than how I was training for the 5K, but it’s the pace that I feel like I can run for miles. I’m going to keep upping my distance and let my pace slowly get faster in time.
  • It’s way more fun to run with other people! The last few weeks I have been running/working out with three different friends and it makes those times even more enjoyable.  I’ve been getting up early to run one day a week and knowing that my friend will be showing up at my door is extra motivation to not sleep in, the accountability has been good for me!

Healthy Eating: Currently the staples of my diet are…I need to change some of these up, any sugestions?

  • Sautéed veggis with two eggs
  •  Salad with chicken, apples, celery, and chopped pecans
  • Steel cut oatmeal with chopped apples, cinnamon, chopped pecans, and yes…a little brown sugar, honey is just not the same to me
  •  Post run smoothie: kale or spinach, frozen mixed berries, banana, flax seed meal, peanut butter, chocolate almond milk
  • chai tea, and lots of it
  • Snacks: string cheese, banana and peanut butter, almonds and chocolate chips, carrot sticks,  granola and almond milk

Active Lifestyle: My goal since week three has been to get out and move at least three times a week, training for a 5K 7.5 weeks PP and now a 10K at 11 weeks PP.

Week 7 –

  • Tuesday- Ran 3.04 miles with stroller
  • Wednesday- 20 minutes of HIT video
  • Thursday- Ran 3.2 miles with stroller
  • Saturday- Ran 4 miles stroller-free

Week 8-


  • Monday- 20 minutes of HIT video
  • Tuesday- run 2.1 miles with stroller (it was a rough day and very windy)
  • Wednesday- Walked 1.5 miles with a friend and did a 30min cardio video
  • Thursday- Run 3.2 miles
  • Saturday- Run 3.2 miles Shamrock’n 5K

Week 9-

  • Wednesday – Run 3.93 miles, walk 2, and 30 min cardio video
  • Thursday- Run 3 miles
  • Saturday- Run 5.5 miles

Week 10-


  • Monday- 20 minutes HIT video
  • Thursday- Run 3.1 miles
  • Friday- Run 3 miles
  • Sunday- Run 6.2 miles, my new 10K time to beat in 2014: 1:01:55

Week 11-

  • Monday- 20 minutes HIT video
  • Tuesday- Run 6 miles
  • Wednesday- Run 3.5, walk 1, 30 minute cardio video
  • Friday- 20 minutes HIT video
  • Sunday- Run 7.3 miles

Weight: Plateau anyone? Glad this is not the only way I am measuring success!

Week 7- Down 1 pound, 14 pounds away from goal weight

Week 8- No change, 14 pounds away from goal weight

Week 9- No change, 14 pounds away from goal weight

Week 10- No change, 14 pounds away from goal weight

Week 11- No change, 14 pounds away from goal weight

Transformation in 2014- 6 Week Postpartum Update

Below is an update of my progress in three different aspects of  my short term goals of health and fitness this year: Active Lifestyle, Healthy Eating, and Weight.  The latter is just one of the indicators I will use to measure success or modify my eating/exercise plan. I intend to keep this format and provide updates every 2-6 weeks. I do not claim to be an expert in any of these areas but love learning about them.  If you leave any suggestions in the comments, I would be happy to consider them.  Also, I have gotten permission from my midwife to be as physically active as I have been, I’ve really had to pay close attention to my body to make sure I’m not pushing it too hard so soon after delivering (no pun intended, I don’t have the brain power to come up with another phrase at the moment).

1.  Active Lifestyle: My goal since week three has been to get out and move at least three times a week, training for a 5K at 7.5 weeks PP.

Week 1-2 nothing…or whatever “nothing” looks like for a mom of three 🙂

Week 3 – I started out with Joel sitting in the front of the jogging stroller since I was going so slow

  •  Monday- walk 1 mile
  • Wednesday- alternate walking and jogging each minute for 1.7 miles
  • Friday- alternate walking for one minute and jogging for two for 1.8 miles

week 3 A

Week 3 B

Week 4- It rained this week so I didn’t make Joel try riding his bike yet, the extra 36 pounds on the stroller adds to the intensity of my workouts. 🙂

  •  Monday- jog for 1 mile, walk/jog for 1 mile with stroller
  • Wednesday- jog 2.25 miles stroller-free
  • Friday- ran 2.58 miles stroller-free

Week 5- Worked out a system of running with Joel on his bike, NOT easy for both of us at first, but we worked on some guidelines that made this type of exercise safe and still allowed us to get a work out in.  We have a predetermined route where he rides on the sidewalk while I run next to him in the street.  When he gets tired he lets me know and he stops on the sidewalk not in front of a driveway.  I then run in circles in the street in front of him.  When he is ready to ride again we continue on our predetermined route, until the next break.

  • Monday- Had a huge headache the day before and played catch up on my house this day
  • Wednesday -ran 3.2 miles with stroller with Joel on his bike
  • Friday ran 3 miles with stroller and Joel on his bike
  • Saturday- ran 3 miles stroller-free- it felt great to run at under a 10 minute pace!

Week 5

Week 6- Made Stroller/bike runs work, but also decided running with the two youngest while Joel is in preschool is WAY easier.

  • Monday- Ran 2.75 miles with stroller and Joel on his bike
  • Thursday- Ran 2.1 miles with stroller while Joel was in preschool.
  • Saturday- Ran 3.5 miles stroller-free, created a running mix with songs in order of most BPM near the end of my run to keep me motivated to keep up my pace.

week 6 A

Week 6 C

2. Healthy Eating:  This has been the area that I have been least disciplined in…we were blessed by so many delicious meals, and I enjoyed every bite! I’m working on building a better meal plan. Currently the staples of my diet are:
• Sautéed veggis with two eggs
• Salad with chicken, apples, celery, and chopped pecans, topped with a vinaigrette
• Steel cut oatmeal with chopped apples, cinnamon, chopped pecans, and yes…a little brown sugar (will probably cut this out at some point, right now it’s my guilty pleasur, honey is just not the same to me).
• Post run smoothie: kale or spinach, frozen mixed berries, banana, flax seed meal, peanut butter, chocolate almond milk
• chai tea, and lots of it
• Snacks: string cheese, banana and peanut butter, almonds and chocolate chips, carrot sticks, sliced cucumber, granola and almond milk

3.  Weight: I put this last for a reason, I don’t want it to become my focus…someone at my stature and age has a healthy BMI from 108-145lbs. I will not be posting my exact weight, but the differences from one post to the next. After three weeks of weight gain, I decided to add a day or two of High Intensity Interval training (a video I do in my living room) and a day of working out with friends.  I just want to watch my milk supply as I increase the amount of calories I burn each week. 

Week 1- Down 18lbs from the day Daelynn was born,  13 pounds away from goal weight
Week 2- Down 1 more pound, 12 pounds away from goal weight
Week 3- Down 1 more, 11 pounds away from goal weight
Week 4- Up 2 pounds, 13 pounds away from goal weight
Week 5- Up 1 pound, 14 pounds away from goal weight
Week 6- Up 1 pound, 15 pounds away from goal weight



  • I can’t become complacent. I might have only 10-15 pounds to lose, but I am going to have to work hard for every pound.
  • Running with two kids is WAY easier than three, it’s all a matter of perspective!